Terraform: Fun with Random Resources

Yes! You can actually have some fun with Terraform!
I saw this in Kristin Laemmert’s video A Tour of Terraform 0.12 (transcript). She used the random_pet resource to generate random pet names.

The code is very simple and fun to play with. Here is my own version of her example:

variable "pet_count" { default = 5 }
variable "default_prefix" { default = "Whiskers" }
variable "zoo_enabled" { default = false }
variable "prefix_list" { default = ["Whiskers", "Spot", "Fluffy", "Rex", "Pistol", "Pookie"] }

resource "random_pet" "my_pet" {
  count  = var.pet_count
  separator = " "
  length = "3"
  prefix = var.zoo_enabled ? element(var.prefix_list, count.index) : var.default_prefix

output "pet_out" {
  value = random_pet.my_pet[*].id
The result looks something like this:

pet_out = [
  "Whiskers partially charming horse",
  "Whiskers wholly enough sculpin",
  "Whiskers remotely vast boxer",
  "Whiskers cheaply choice octopus",
  "Whiskers mistakenly immortal griffon",
There are a number of options to play with. For example if you set zoo_enabled to true. The prefix_list will be used:
pet_out = [
  "Whiskers partially charming horse",
  "Spot generally certain toad",
  "Fluffy normally discrete sturgeon",
  "Rex yearly grand mallard",
  "Pistol totally legible bird",
There are various other random resources provided. They can generate IDs, integers, passwords, strings, and UUIDs.
resource "random_id" "my_id" {
    count = 3
    byte_length = 5
    prefix = "Yowsa_"

output "id_out" {
    value = random_id.my_id[*].b64
id_out = [
Another fun random resource is shuffle. It shuffles a given list of items:
variable "strings" { default = ["a","b","c","d"]}

resource "random_shuffle" "my_shuffle" {
  input = var.strings
  result_count = length(var.strings)

output "shuffle_out" {
  value = random_shuffle.my_shuffle.result
shuffle_out = [

Read more about these resources in the official Terraform documentation.


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