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MPC One/Live/X – Multiple Templates

As of MPC version 2.11.6, a user can only select from one of two templates: The default empty template, and the last saved user templates.

Shoutout to Fitz Kik for providing the custom image.

This post will describe a hack by which you can have multiple user templates. These are displayed in the top row of the Select Project screen.

Caution: This hack will replace the operating system currently installed on your MPC. Do this at your own risk!


  • Some basic knowledge of the Linux command line and JSON.
  • Akai MPC models One, Live, or X.
  • Network connection either via Wifi or Ethernet cable (MPC One).
  • The custom, SSH enabled, operating system image from TheKikGen. Follow the installation instructions provided.
  • A laptop with a terminal client on the same network as the MPC.

Quick Installation Instructions:

  • Download an image and put it on a USB drive.
  • Plug the USB drive into the MPC and switch it on.
  • Go to Main -> Preferences -> Info, press update and confirm
  • Validate correct version in Main -> Preferences -> Info
  • Connect MPC with Ethernet to local network router.
  • Get MPC IP address from Main -> Preferences -> Ethernet
  • From Laptop, ssh to that IP address as root, no password. (ssh

Steps For Custom Templates

  • SSH into the MPC
  • Navigate to /media/acvs-content/Expansions/Demos
  • Create a Templates directory (i.e. /media/acvs-content/Expansions/Demos/Templates).
  • Copy one of the projects which you would like to use as a template from where you saved it to the Templates directory.
    For example, I have an SD Card named BigMomma in my MPC One, where I save all my projects.
    I created a project called MyTemplates and saved it to BigMomma/Projects.
    I copied that project to the Templates directory with:
    cp /media/BigMomma/Projects/MyTemplate.xpj /media/acvs-content/Expansions/Demos/Templates
  • Edit the /media/acvs-content/Expansions/Demos/NewProjectDialog.json:
  • Remove any unnecessary array items in the PROJECT TEMPLATES items array.
  • Add a new item array object for the the template copied into the Templates directory (lines 19-23).
                "type": 0,
                "rowTitle": "PROJECT TEMPLATES",
                "iconFile": "demo-icon",
                "forgets": true,
                "isMRU": false,
                        "icon": "empty",
                        "fileName": "",
                        "name": "Empty"
                        "icon": "empty",
                        "fileName": "Templates/MyTemplate.xpj",
                        "name": "My Template"
  • Reload the new projects screen from the MPC menus.

What about the icon?

The project icon is stored inside the project directory and is named Artwork.png. You can copy & paste one of the icons of existing objects, or just create your own and scp it to the project directory.
The icon images are 300×150.