Apex Flash Chart Tooltip Madness

You can include a lot of data in Apex 4 chart tooltips. Want to know what data items are available?

Cut and paste the keywords below into your tooltip’s CDATA tag and see what comes back.

Tooltip based on the scott emp table.

Code to paste in the the Custom XML of the Apex Chart:

[sourcecode language=”xml”]
<tooltip_settings enabled="true" >
Point Keywords:
YValue {%YValue} YPercentOfCategory {%YPercentOfCategory} YPercentOfSeries {%YPercentOfSeries} YPercentOfTotal {%YPercentOfTotal}
High {%High} Low {%Low} Open {%Open} Close {%Close} XValue {%XValue} XPercentOfSeries {%XPercentOfSeries}
XPercentOfTotal {%XPercentOfTotal} BubbleSize {%BubbleSize} BubbleSizePercentOfCategory {%BubbleSizePercentOfCategory}
BubbleSizePercentOfSeries {%BubbleSizePercentOfSeries} BubbleSizePercentOfTotal {%BubbleSizePercentOfTotal}
Index {%Index} RangeStart {%RangeStart} RangeEnd {%RangeEnd}

Series Keywords
SeriesName: {%SeriesName} SeriesFirstXValue: {%SeriesFirstXValue} SeriesFirstYValue: {%SeriesFirstYValue} SeriesLastXValue: {%SeriesLastXValue} SeriesLastYValue: {%SeriesLastYValue}
SeriesYSum: {%SeriesYSum} SeriesXSum: {%SeriesXSum} SeriesBubbleSizeSum: {%SeriesBubbleSizeSum} SeriesYMax: {%SeriesYMax} SeriesYMin: {%SeriesYMin}
SeriesXMax: {%SeriesXMax} SeriesXMin: {%SeriesXMin} SeriesBubbleMaxSize: {%SeriesBubbleMaxSize} SeriesBubbleMinSize: {%SeriesBubbleMinSize}
SeriesYAverage: {%SeriesYAverage} SeriesXAverage: {%SeriesXAverage} SeriesBubbleSizeAverage: {%SeriesBubbleSizeAverage} SeriesYMedian: {%SeriesYMedian}
SeriesXMedian: {%SeriesXMedian} SeriesBubbleSizeMedian: {%SeriesBubbleSizeMedian} SeriesYMode: {%SeriesYMode} SeriesXMode: {%SeriesXMode}
SeriesBubbleSizeMode: {%SeriesBubbleSizeMode} SeriesPointCount: {%SeriesPointCount} SeriesYAxisName: {%SeriesYAxisName} SeriesXAxisName: {%SeriesXAxisName}
SeriesYRangeMax: {%SeriesYRangeMax} SeriesYRangeMin: {%SeriesYRangeMin} SeriesYRangeSum: {%SeriesYRangeSum}
CategoryYPercentOfTotal: {%CategoryYPercentOfTotal} CategoryYSum: {%CategoryYSum} CategoryYAverage: {%CategoryYAverage} CategoryYMedian: {%CategoryYMedian}
CategoryYMode: {%CategoryYMode} CategoryName: {%CategoryName} CategoryYRangeMax: {%CategoryYRangeMax} CategoryYRangeMin: {%CategoryYRangeMin} CategoryYRangeSum: {%CategoryYRangeSum}

Data Plot
DataPlotYSum: {%DataPlotYSum} DataPlotXSum: {%DataPlotXSum} DataPlotBubbleSizeSum: {%DataPlotBubbleSizeSum} DataPlotYMax: {%DataPlotYMax}
DataPlotYMin: {%DataPlotYMin} DataPlotXMax: {%DataPlotXMax} DataPlotXMin: {%DataPlotXMin} DataPlotBubbleMaxSize: {%DataPlotBubbleMaxSize} DataPlotBubbleMinSize: {%DataPlotBubbleMinSize}
DataPlotXAverage: {%DataPlotXAverage} DataPlotYAverage: {%DataPlotYAverage} DataPlotBubbleSizeAverage: {%DataPlotBubbleSizeAverage} DataPlotMaxYValuePointName: {%DataPlotMaxYValuePointName} DataPlotMinYValuePointName: {%DataPlotMinYValuePointName}
DataPlotMaxYValuePointSeriesName: {%DataPlotMaxYValuePointSeriesName} DataPlotMinYValuePointSeriesName: {%DataPlotMinYValuePointSeriesName} DataPlotMaxYSumSeriesName: {%DataPlotMaxYSumSeriesName} DataPlotMinYSumSeriesName: {%DataPlotMinYSumSeriesName}
DataPlotYRangeMax: {%DataPlotYRangeMax} DataPlotYRangeMin: {%DataPlotYRangeMin} DataPlotYRangeSum: {%DataPlotYRangeSum} DataPlotPointCount: {%DataPlotPointCount} DataPlotSeriesCount: {%DataPlotSeriesCount}

YAxisSum: {%YAxisSum} YAxisBubbleSizeSum: {%YAxisBubbleSizeSum} YAxisMax: {%YAxisMax} YAxisMin: {%YAxisMin} YAxisScaleMax: {%YAxisScaleMax}
YAxisScaleMin: {%YAxisScaleMin} YAxisBubbleSizeMax: {%YAxisBubbleSizeMax} YAxisBubbleSizeMin: {%YAxisBubbleSizeMin} YAxisAverage: {%YAxisAverage} YAxisMedian: {%YAxisMedian}
YAxisMode: {%YAxisMode} YAxisName: {%YAxisName}
XAxisSum: {%XAxisSum} XAxisBubbleSizeSum: {%XAxisBubbleSizeSum} XAxisMax: {%XAxisMax} XAxisMin: {%XAxisMin} XAxisScaleMax: {%XAxisScaleMax}
XAxisScaleMin: {%XAxisScaleMin} XAxisBubbleSizeMax: {%XAxisBubbleSizeMax} XAxisBubbleSizeMin: {%XAxisBubbleSizeMin} XAxisAverage: {%XAxisAverage} XAxisMedian: {%XAxisMedian}
XAxisMode: {%XAxisMode} XAxisName: {%XAxisName} ]]></format>
<font family="Tahoma" size="10" color="0x" />
<position anchor="Float" valign="Top" padding="10" />


One thought on “Apex Flash Chart Tooltip Madness

  • August 13, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Hi ,

    I need you help on making a column called reason as the tool tip .

    I tried the following . It will be great help .

    I have a column called reasons .. and i want to include that column as tool tip , but as you know that sql syntax for the chart is .. select null link , name , value from table order by value .

    I am unable to include the column reason in this , hence i thought of including the reason as

    select null link, reason||Ename name , evalue value from emp_dummy;

    but now i want to display ename as the axis namings and reason as the tool tip , to do this , i think i should call JavaScript in the CDATA but , when i m trying to write java script code its treating everything as the data itself … unable to do this functionality

    Nandini Thakur

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