Create your own Font Awesome Icon

There may be a special character you wish to use in the same way you would use a Font Awesome icon. To do this you need to find the hex code for the character and a little bit of CSS.

  1. Find the hex code for your character
    There are many sites that show you the ASCII values for various letters, numbers, or characters. I needed to have the greek letter Sigma, (Σ) so I looked it up here, and copied the hex value 03A3.
  2. Add CSS to your page or global CSS file:
    .sigma:before {
       content: "\03a3";
  3. Use the new CSS class like any other Font Awesome icon:
    <i class="fa sigma"></a>

You can also use any of the Font Awesome modifiers such as size with this method.

Please leave a comment if this helped you.