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APEX 5: Packaged Application Icons

To use some of the packaged application icons for your own applications, include the packaged apps css file in your application, and reference the appropriate css class for the icon you want.

Navigate to Edit Application Definition -> User Interface, and edit the interface for your application.

Edit User Interface

Under Cascading Style Sheets add the this CSS file: #IMAGE_PREFIX#pkgapp_ui/css/5.0#MIN#.css

Add CSS file

In your application create a div with a height and width, and include one of the icon classes to display the icon.

<div style="height: 100px; width: 100px;" class="app-application-standards-tracker"></div>

Here are the available packaged application icons:



3 thoughts on “APEX 5: Packaged Application Icons

  • Ed Girard

    You mention “In your application create a div with a height and width…”. As a newbie, I have no idea where “In your application” this would be… Sorry.

  • Ed, a div is an HTML tag which defines a container (see In order to display the icons, you first need a container to hold the icon.
    To create a div, you can simply create an HTML region on your page (or a Static region in APEX 5), and specify your div in there:

  • Ed Girard

    Thanks Christoph. I understand the “div” – I just didn’t know exactly where it had to go. Does it matter what page I use to add the “Static Region”?

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