My Oracle Support Now Available in HTML (Again)

When My Oracle Support (MOS) moved to a Flash-only interface in 2009, I was excited and scared. Excited because I was curious of all the new cool features MOS would provide, and the because of the fantastic user experience I would have from now on (yeah, right).
Scared because somehow I thought the already cumbersome Oracle Support pages would become even more cumbersome.

I have to admit, the Flash based user interface looked pretty slick. And if you didn’t get too impatient with login times in excess of ten seconds, clicking around MOS was kind of cool. BTW: Google Chrome logs in a lot faster than FF or IE.

Navigation on MOS turned out to be horrible. You would still get useless search results, but now navigating back and forth was even worse than before.

When I read that a non-Flash version of MOS arrived I was stoked. I’m looking forward now to navigating to and test driving the new site.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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