The Quest for the CPU Patch

So I get an email from Oracle Support telling me that I need to patch my database with the latest and greatest Critical Patch Update: CPUJAN2012. Ok. No problem.

I log into My Oracle Support, go to the patch page and search for CPUJAN2012. What does the search return? Nothing! Ugh! So I start searching by “Product or Family”, and get 108 hits. But where is CPUJAN2012?

Well, usually when I try to find something on a web page I hit CTRL-F, but that doesn’t work on My Oracle Support! Now I’m supposed to read through all of the search results? Aaaaargh!

Why can’t Oracle just provide a link inside the notification email to the patch?

After opening and SR on this issue I was asked to look at Doc. IDĀ 1119703.1, the Database PSU-CPU Cross-Reference List. This document actually had the link to the patch and I found it right away.

Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t locating a critical patch be a lot easier? Am I the only one not aware of documentĀ 1119703.1?


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